The village house

A few years ago when I was finishing university I had to go to town to change the roof of the house we had there. While we change the tiles and remembering how nice the setting and the house were, it began to haunt my head restore the house giving it a special touch. Once the idea took shape I managed to convince my father (essential pillar of the work) to carry out, with the idea that it would not take more than a year of work.



This week has been made public our participation in the Pop up MEANING, to be held this Christmas palace in downtown Santa Barbara in Madrid. For our part we are putting all our efforts to make it a unique experience. We take our “best seller” as well as new products fresh from the market.

MEANING say is more than a pop up, it is a movement with as their name say, a meaning that goes beyond selling Spanish artists creations. A portion of the proceeds will be used to design and fashion schools in countries like Ethiopia, in order to give women opportunities elsewhere to make their way in life and prosper.

Therefore no one should miss this event surrounded by great artists of the Spanish panorama, with an organization of luxury and ultimate good: to future opportunities to women in developing countries. I hope to see all of you there between Dec. 12 and Jan. 5 in Madrid.