Leather Bowls

We are in time to research materials and shapes to make new products and this has led us to put us further into the world of leather.

The idea from the beginning was to make little bowls in two sizes that gives service for everything. At first we start with a classic square shape but gradually the pattern was taking us to another simple form but with much to tell. Their pretty wrinkles made us crazy and are the center of attention.



We had to learn from zero to do hand stitching with waxed thread, and the truth is that the result has been excellent. The good news about doing everything without a clue is that in the process amazing ideas come to make the design that will add value to the product.

The bowls as stated above are available in two sizes, small and medium, and in two types of leather (natural and dyed). We hope that soon you can fill your homes with these basins giving them the use that you like…



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