More than a village…

Today from our workshop we get wistful remembering how very different it was the people of the city from the people of the countryside, how great it was to play in the streets not being worry about cars, the things we learned or the adventures in the woods nearby.


Another thing that always caught our attention was the way all the neighbors were together playing or collecting vintage potatoes (important in the life of the townspeople days) helped each other. Surely the people were a real community. All this made the start of it even more the neighbors used to come with any excuse to see what we were doing on the house and how it was all inside, it always turned out very funny. Gradually these people with their stories were bringing to our minds memories that we loved to hear as when the staircase of the house was direct to the garden or as my grandfather had gone to fetch stones at the quarry village was built.



All those memories make the course of the work more special and entertaining, plus we felt recuperated part of the history of the house, the people and our family. Soon the neighbors came to tell stories, to give us a hand and great tips they had acquired throughout their long life. It was amazing the amount of things that they had achieved throughout their life.

Their company and memories made more enjoyable and entertaining our job and in their faces we could see their happiness because someone was listening to them and they felt useful during the time they were with us.

Surely we must say that we miss and will miss them, more now that we feel there are family more than just people. Unfortunately a lot of them are no longer with us and although work continues it will never be the same. But we can say that they will be part of our lives, our learning… Hope someday we could do the same with the next generations.


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