Return to the starting point

Last week we returned to resume the restoration of our house in the village. To be honest is difficult to reconcile the life of an autonomous designer with this great project, which for two years have being carried out intermittently.

At first you start with tremendous enthusiasm and you rush to buy a thousand things for when it is completed, despite not even have running water or electricity … Over time you begin to despair at how slow things are going on, it is not how you imagined and little by little you lose those cravings to see it over, the good thing out of these is that you enjoy doing things in detail, with care and most durable possible. All this makes up for the wait but certainly what most keeps them going is the idea of ​​having something personal, self-made, in detail and adheres perfectly to that idea you saw in your head once and has been there since then. Because if one thing I am sure of is that from minute one in my head I saw the house finished with great detail and singularities.



The passage of time working inside and the slow pace of it certainly just helped give some twists of the first ideas that I had not anticipated and that will certainly bring added value.

From the beginning the idea was to run away from everything that meant a conventional rustic house which many had proliferated in the Galician countryside. We choose light colors that broadened the small spaces available to the house and a rustic decor halfway between the traditional and the simplicity of Nordic. In everything we do, we put all our efforts and try to do it ourselves traditional way, this has led us to the learning of old techniques and the real appreciation of the great effort and technique requiring handmade things.

Next week we will tell you how it is the experience of making a beam to the inside, from felling the tree to the hand placement, an experience that has been a before and after in the way we see things.

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