The village house

A few years ago when I was finishing university I had to go to town to change the roof of the house we had there. While we change the tiles and remembering how nice the setting and the house were, it began to haunt my head restore the house giving it a special touch. Once the idea took shape I managed to convince my father (essential pillar of the work) to carry out, with the idea that it would not take more than a year of work.

We were such a fools to think that, it took so much more time that we thought because we only could work in our spare time and doing everything ourselves. But we are seeing the small progress step by step, we were deluding and doing things in great detail. Even today things are on its way and we are already beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Little by little each week will be showing progress of the work, making yourselves unitholders as though you were one in the restoration.



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